Localization of twisted N=(0,2) gauged linear sigma models in two dimensions

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We study two-dimensional N=(0, 2) supersymmetric gauged linear sigma models (GLSMs) using supersymmetric localization. We consider N=(0, 2) theories with an R-symmetry, which can always be defined on curved space by a pseudo-topological twist while preserving one of the two supercharges of flat space. For GLSMs which are deformations of N=(0, 2) GILSMs and retain a Coulomb branch, we consider the A/2-twist and compute the genus-zero correlation functions of certain pseudo-chiral operators, which generalize the simplest twisted chiral ring operators away from the N=(0, 2) locus. These correlation functions can be written in terms of a certain residue operation on the Coulomb branch, generalizing the Jeffrey-Kirwan residue prescription relevant for the N=(0, 2) locus. For abelian GLSMs, we reproduce existing results with new formulas that render the quantum sheaf cohomology relations and other properties manifest. For non-abelian GLSMs, our methods lead to new results. As an example, we briefly discuss the quantum sheaf cohomology of the C rassmannian manifold.



Field Theories in Lower Dimensions, Supersymmetric gauge theory, Topological Field Theories