A Dormitory for Architecture Students in Alexandria, Virginia

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Virginia Tech

This thesis is an intimate exploration. A personal journey between here and there: what I left behind, what I always kept close to me and all the new things that I learned and experience during the last four years.

I just tried to put myself together as a person as well as an architect; taking from my personal experiences the inspiration and the tools to create a building.

The building is orientated to American and foreign students coming to the metropolitan area of Washington DC to study at the Center and willing to take advantage of the opportunities of the city.

The idea was to create a building for civic adaptation, to educate and inspire students not only in architecture but also in civic life and prepare them to be responsible citizens.

The dormitory was inspired by the friendly spirit of the WAAC with the intention of supporting the Center in its varied goals and enhancing its academic perspectives.

Architectural Transformations, Architecture and Civic Space, Corners, Sunlight and Shadow, Student Dormitory for the WAAC, King Street Corners, King Street Civic Spaces, Academic Sundial: Sunlight And Shadow Studies, Universidad de Mendoza