Vertical City

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Virginia Tech


Today, urban development rapidly expands in India due to its immense population density and ongoing globalization. This phenomenon poses a significant challenge as it consumes vast land areas, leaving medium and low-income families without the space to build their homes. This research focuses on strategies to reduce the negative impact of urban sprawl on these groups. The case of Amaravathi, a new capital city being constructed in Andhra Pradesh, India, highlights the concern about using valuable agricultural land for urban purposes. To mitigate horizontal land expansion, the study explores the potential solution of increasing city height limits. Analysis of proposals like Le Corbusier's Three Million City and Radiant City provides insights into crucial factors such as building height and ground plane considerations. The further investigation includes the demolished Kowloon City in Hong Kong and Frank Lloyd Wright's 1 Mile Tower. This research developed a strategy for a vertical neighborhood cluster in Amaravathi, considering ventilation, resident experience, land preservation, human behavior, and agricultural sustainability. The goal is to reduce the negative impact of urban expansion on medium and low- income families while promoting sustainable urban development.



Vertical community