Environmental compliance in quarrying operations: a computer-based decison support system

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Virginia Tech


Quarry operators must continue to change and adapt environmental compliance methods to meet increasingly demanding regulations. To fulfill industry needs, a computer-based decision support system has been developed to facilitate legal and environmental decisions that mine operators are required to make with regards to stormwater. The comprehensive stormwater programming provides a model for subsequent programming in areas of environmental concern such as: air, groundwater, noise, aesthetics, vegetation, wetlands, hazardous wastes, storage tanks, and wildlife habitats. Operators will utilize the system's user-friendly interface consisting of mouse driven responses and limited keyboard entries on a desktop computer. The system is easy to upgrade according to the user's needs and changes in current laws and regulations. Data input models, user interfaces, and support of decision making are explained. Using this approach, the user has complete control over all steps of the decision making process. A stormwater example is selected to demonstrate the potential benefits of the support system to environmental decision makers.



mining, regulations, quarry, computers, environment