The application of moment distribution to trussed bents

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute


From the foregoing investigation the following conclusions seem justifiable:

That moment distribution can be successfully applied to trussed bents, with comparatively little effort once the constants are available; and this with an accompanying saving of time and effort, as compared to the analysis of trussed bents by least work or any other classical method.

That the results obtained by moment distribution check closely with those obtained by the method of least work, and for all practical purposes are therefore acceptable.

What the compilation of constants in chart form, covering all types of trusses, is a perfectly feasible undertaking and promises to be the basis on which a practical, simple, and straight-forward method of analysis will eventually be established.

That the adoption of moment distribution for the analysis of trussed bents together with the charting of the constants will aid in bringing about a standardization of truss construction heretofore unrealized.