Using covariant Lyapunov vectors to quantify high-dimensional chaos with a conservation law

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American Physical Society

We explore the high-dimensional chaos of a one-dimensional lattice of diffusively coupled tent maps using the covariant Lyapunov vectors (CLVs). We investigate the connection between the dynamics of the maps in the physical space and the dynamics of the covariant Lyapunov vectors and covariant Lyapunov exponents that describe the direction and growth (or decay) of small perturbations in the tangent space. We explore the tangent space splitting into physical and transient modes and find that the splitting persists for all of the conditions we explore. In general, the leading CLVs are highly localized in space and the CLVs become less localized with increasing Lyapunov index. We consider the dynamics with a conservation law whose strength is controlled by a parameter that can be continuously varied. Our results indicate that a conservation law delocalizes the spatial variation of the CLVs. We find that when a conservation law is present, the leading CLVs are entangled with fewer of their neighboring CLVs than in the absence of a conservation law.