Reynolds stress measurements downstream of a turbine cascade

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Virginia Tech


An experimental investigation was performed to measure Reynolds stresses in the turbulent flow downstream of a large-scale linear turbine cascade. A rotatable X-wire hot-wire probe that allows redundant data to be taken with solution for mean velocities and turbulence quantities by least-squares fitting procedures was developed. This measurement technique was verified in a fully-developed turbulent pipe flow; the results show the accuracy of the probe when used in an end-flow orientation at various incidence angles and with a multiple number of angular settings.

Traverses with a single hot-wire at mid-span near the blade row exit show very high levels of turbulence locally in the blade wake near the trailing edge which quickly lessen in magnitude downstream. The rotatable X-wire was used to obtain the Reynolds stresses on a measurement plane located 10% of an axial chord downstream of the trailing edge. Here the turbulence kinetic energy exhibits a distribution resembling the contours of total pressure loss obtained previously, but is highest in the blade wake where losses are relatively low. The turbulent shear stresses obtained are consistent in sign and magnitude with the gradients of mean velocity. The mass-averaged turbulence kinetic energy accounts for 21% of the total pressure loss at this measurement plane.