Software Architecture Considerations for Facilitating Electric Power System Planning Incorporating a Variety of Design Categories

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Virginia Tech


This work investigates some of the features of existing software applications for electric power system planning as well as some of the limitations that keep these applications from being more frequently used in distribution planning. This work presents a software framework that could facilitate much greater use of a wide variety of planning applications.

An integrated system model (ISM) provides a centralized approach to storing data for access by other planning applications. Additionally, an integrated performance simulator (IPS) facilitates comparing the design projects generated by those various planning applications across many criteria under various load growth scenarios. Furthermore, the IPS can automatically run any number of validation routines on a given design or set of designs, alerting the planning engineer of additional, unanticipated planning needs.

This paper provides three case studies which demonstrate the kinds of detailed evaluation and visualization of trade-offs that an IPS could facilitate. The case studies further highlight the greater levels of detail that may be utilized by the ISM and IPS in analyzing any set of modular designs and load growth scenarios.



software, planning, electric power system