Spin and phase coherence measured by antilocalization in n-InSb thin films


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American Physical Society


The spin and phase coherence times of the itinerant electrons in n-InSb thin films were experimentally determined by analyzing the low-temperature magnetoresistance in antilocalization theory. The results indicate a very weak temperature dependence below 10 K for the spin coherence time. The dependence of the spin coherence time on carrier density demonstrates that the Elliott-Yafet mechanism is predominantly responsible for electron-spin relaxation in n-type InSb at low temperatures. The phase coherence time follows an inverse temperature dependence, in accordance with the electron-electron Nyquist dephasing mechanism.



band model of magnetism, carrier density, electron spin polarisation, indium compounds, localised states, magnetoresistance, narrow band gap, semiconductors, Nyquist criterion, semiconductor thin films, weak-field magnetoresistance, electron scattering, localization, semiconductors, surface, system, behavior, sensors, Physics


Kallaher, R. L. ; Heremans, J. J., Feb 2009. "Spin and phase coherence measured by antilocalization in n-InSb thin films," PHYSICAL REVIEW B 79(7): 075322. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.79.075322