Feasibility of open web rafters constructed of single angles

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of the research reported here was to determine if single angles can be used for chord and web members in lightweight steel open web rafters, and if so to determine what effect the single angles have on the design of the rafter's members. A computer model was constructed to determine the effects of a unsymetric cross section coupled with eccentric loadings of the members on out-or-plane displacements, and bending moments and stresses in the chord and web members. This computer model modeled the eccentricities and unsymetric section properties of the single angles. A study of the effect of out-or-plane bracing on the bending moments and stresses was also conducted. Finally various web configurations (angle web members on the same side, alternating, and opposite) were studied to determine their effect on moments in the web and chord members, along with their effect on out-or-plane displacements. A preliminary design procedure for chord and web members using the new AISC ""Specification For Allowable Stress Design of Single Angle Members" is presented. Finally suggestions on out-of-plane bracing and connections are made.