A museum of Eastern art

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


This thesis proposes a museum of Eastern art in Washington, D. C. The purpose is to establish a gallery where not only Americans, but also the peoples of other countries throughout the world will have the opportunity to enjoy or to do research in Eastern art and culture.

Eastern concepts are used to express what is space in architecture, instead of imitating the Eastern traditional architectural form. On the other hand, the abstract essence of all elements is used for composition.

A prestressed and precast concrete structural system is to be used to build a unity of space as raw material. Thus, the whole building may become a space sculpture.

For space functions and arrangements, a center court is provided as the core of the whole project. A surrounding water area can be used for protection and reflection of the building on the water.

This project is to be conceived not only as the totality of building and exhibition, but also as unifying environment for art objects and the observers as well.