Nutrient characterization of color modified and unaltered flaked turkey thigh meat

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Virginia Tech


Flaked, skinless and boneless turkey thighs were successively washed in 0.03M sodium phosphate buffers at pH 5.8, 7.4 and 8.0. Proximate, mineral and riboflavin composition, as well as protein efficiency ratio (PER) and apparent digestibility (AD) using the rat bioassay technique were determined for three replications. The color modified tissue (CMT) had a higher (P=0.0429) moisture content and less (P=0.0527, 0.1240 and 0.0047, respectively) crude protein, fat and ash than flaked thigh (THI). Percentage of iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and manganese decreased (P=0.0187) after color modification, whereas calcium, zinc and copper concentrations did not change (P=0.1184) and sodium increased (P=0.0058). Riboflavin was reduced by 30%.

The PER of CMT evaluated was lower (P=0.0318) than THI, but higher (P=0.0001) than either casein or egg albumin diets. AD of CMT was 90.7% which is comparable to other meat products. The overall nutritional evaluation of CMT determined that it has potential as a raw material in further processed foods.