Campylobacter fetus subspecies jejuni from some commercially processed poultry products

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


A method for the recovery of Campylobacter fetus from poultry meat using the selective methods of Millipore membrane (0.65 μm) filtration and antibiotic (bacitracin, novobiocin and polymyxin) medium was described and utilized to isolate the organism from the surface of chicken necks contaminated in vitro and from retailed commercially processed poultry products.

In a survival study one C. fetus strain remained viable for 5 days on the surface of poultry meat at 3ºC and for 20 days at -23.5ºC. Two strains survived on the meat surface for 10 days at -23.5ºC.

Three C. fetus ss. jejuni isolates were obtained from the surface of 2 chicken necks and 1 whole dressed broiler purchased from local retail markets. These isolates were morphologically and biochemically indistinguishable from other C. fetus ss. jejuni strains isolated from human and avian disease.

A discussion of the possible epidemiological implications of these findings was included.