Discrete Event Simulation of Mobility and Spatio-Temporal Spectrum Demand

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Virginia Tech


Realistic mobility and cellular traffic modeling is key to various wireless networking applications and have a significant impact on network performance. Planning and design, network resource allocation and performance evaluation in cellular networks require realistic traffic modeling. We propose a Discrete Event Simulation framework, Diamond - (Discrete Event Simulation of Mobility and Spatio-Temporal Spectrum Demand) to model and analyze realistic activity based mobility and spectrum demand patterns. The framework can be used for spatio-temporal estimation of load, in deciding location of a new base station, contingency planning, and estimating the resilience of the existing infrastructure. The novelty of this framework lies in its ability to capture a variety of complex, realistic and dynamically changing events effectively. Our initial results show that the framework can be instrumental in contingency planning and dynamic spectrum allocation.



Wireless Communication Networks, Spectrum Demand, Discrete Event Simulation