Time and the age

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


Form is the manifestation of a process. Since our senses are our only means of perception, then a process to be manifest must necessarily assume a state that our senses can perceive. This state or expression which we can perceive is its form.

“Every process has its necessary form which always results in functional forms. They follow the law of the shortest distance between points; cooling occurs only on surfaces exposed to cooling; pressure only on points of pressure; tension on lines of tension; motion creates for itself forms of movement for each energy there is a form of energy.” The functional form of anything is the way in which it acts or functions. Everything has many functional forms and these are perpetually changing. They are constantly being influenced to manifest themselves in different ways by processes which are in perpetual change; and these in turn are influenced by other processes in perpetual change. Functional form at any time is the form in which processes manifest themselves and is the result of all of the changes that have occurred up to that time.