George MacDonald's Lilith A: A Transcription


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George MacDonald's last major work of fiction, Lilith, was published in 1895, but the first version of the romance was written in March of 1890. Lilith is an account of the unintentional journey of the protagonist into another world populated by both mythological figures drawn from the Judeo-Christian tradition and by horrific personifications of the psychological horrors of the protagonist's own mind. The story of Lilith describes the protagonist's experiences in this other world which bring him to the point of repentance.

The manuscript of the first version, known now as Lilith A, is housed in the British Library along with seven other typed revisions and printer's proofs. Taken together, the A-H manuscripts of Lilith represent the complete production history textual evolution of what is arguably MacDonald's greatest literary work. The body of this paper contains the 161 page transcription of Lilith A produced from the original manuscript and a microfilm photographic reproduction provided by the British Library.

The introduction of this paper outlines the history of Lilith A, describes it's similarities and differences with the published version, provides a bibliographic description of the manuscript, and outlines the editorial principles used in producing the transcript of the text. The introduction is followed by a transcription of the title page created for the manuscripts of Lilith by Winifred Louisa, Lady Troup, who was MacDonald's daughter and amanuensis. This title page is followed by the transcription of Lilith A.



manuscript, textual editing, Victorian Literature, Scottish Literature