Dance and Performance Arts Center: Building from the Core

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Virginia Tech


Core is defined as the central, innermost, most essential part of anything. In dance every technique and movement requires intense control, which is provided by core strength. The core in the human body is the torso that consists of the abdominal muscles. These muscles cover the rib cage and protect the lungs which are the respiratory center for the body. Breath control is one of the best ways to garner focus for the dancer. In this thesis, the concept of the"core" becomes the basis for the design of a building devoted to dance and located within the city. Since a defined core is crucial to the dancer in order to have a fluid performance, its existence within the building's design needs to have an outstanding presence and role. This guiding component for this thesis in combination with site investigation, research, and design process will lead to the conceptualization and final product of the Dance and Performance Arts Center.



Core, Dancer, Extension, Repetition