A metrics study in Virtual Reality

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Virginia Tech


Virtual Reality is a young field and needs more research to mature. In order to help speed the maturity process research was performed to see if knowledge from the domain of software engineering could be applied to the development of Virtual Reality software. Software engineering is a field within computer science that studies how to improve both product and process. One of the sub-fields of software engineering is metrics, which seeks to measure software products and processes. This allows for prediction of certain attributes such as quality. There are several software toolkits that exist in virtual reality that have not had formal software engineering methodologies applied during their development. This research looks at applying knowledge gained from the metrics discipline to the software toolkits used in virtual reality. When metrics are used to measure the toolkits in virtual reality, the metrics seem to behave--produce similar significant correlations--in a similar fashion as when they are applied in previously studied domains.



Virtual Reality, metrics, software engineering