Optimizing secondary tailgate support selection

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Virginia Tech


A model was developed to facilitate secondary tailgate support selection based on analysis of a data base of over 100 case studies compiled from two different surveys of operating longwall coal mines in the United States. The ALPS (Analysis of Long wall Pillar Stability) program was used to determine adequacy of pillar design for the successful longwall case histories. A relationship was developed between the secondary support density necessary to maintain a stable tailgate entry during mining and the CMRR (Coal Mine Roof Rating). This relationship defines the lower bound of secondary support density currently used in longwall mines. The model used only successful tailgate case history data with adequate ALPS SF according to the CMRR for each case. This model facilitates mine design by predicting secondary support density required for a tailgate entry depending on the ALPS SF and CMRR, which can result in significant economic benefits.



coal mining, Longwall, tailgate, secondary support, capacity