Secure SNMP-Based Network Management in Low Bandwidth Networks

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Virginia Tech

This research focuses on developing a secure, SNMP-based network management system specifically tailored for deployment in internetworks that rely on low-bandwidth backbone networks. The network management system developed uses a two-level hierarchy of network management applications consisting of one top-level management application communicating with several mid-level management applications strategically distributed throughout the internetwork. Mid-level management applications conduct routine monitoring chores on behalf of the top-level management application and report results in a way that makes intelligent use of the limited bandwidth available on the backbone network. The security framework is based on using SNMPv2c over IPSec. This research shows that the other security alternative considered, SNMPv3, consumes as much as 24 percent more network capacity than SNMPv2c over IPSec. The management framework is based on the Management by Delegation (MbD) model and is implemented using the IETF DISMAN Script MIB. This research demonstrates that the MbD-based management framework consumes only 2 percent of the network capacity required by the traditional, centralized management scheme.

Network Management, SNMP, DISMAN Script MIB, IPSec