Feeding 2 yr. old beef cattle

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

Thie experiment was conducted by the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station for the purpose of comparing the values of several feeds for wintering beef steers with especial regard for local conditions.

1st. 28 lbs. silage and 1 lb. cottonseed meal will maintain 1000-pound steers during the winter without a loss of more than 25 lbs. per head.

2nd. 38 lbs. silage per steer per day will give about the same results as above.

3rd. Steers will change from grass to silage and from silage to grass again with practically no loss in weight.

4th. Steers fed silage alone, and stover and corn meal during the winter were the only steers to average 2 pounds gain per day on grass.

5th. Steers fed on silage alone made greatest total gain at the lowest cost per 100 pounds gain.

6th. Steers fed on stover and corn meal made the least total gain at the greatest cost per 100 pounds gain.

7th. Silage is a very economical feed for wintering steers, while stover and corn meal is a very costly feed.

8th. One pound of cottonseed meal will replace ten pounds of silage and it may be advisable to make this substitution when silage is scarce, or cottonseed meal cheap, or both, although cottonseed meal is not absolutely necessary.

9th. Winter steers so that they will not lose more than 25 pounds each during the winter months, for greater losses cannot be overcome during the grazing season.