The Architecture of Emotion and Spirit of the Site


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Virginia Tech


Architecture has the unique ability to use its surroundings in a way that can create a profound impact; it has the power to generate emotion. To connect with the character of a place, we need to observe it, converse with it, and learn from it. No matter what the place, understanding its spirit is essential to design for it, because every addition to the place adds to its soul, its spiritual and emotional identity.

It is important to note the first users of each site are what already exists, they define the spirit of the site and these users are not limited to just people, but rather they include the landscape as well. The trees that are growing and flourishing within the site are an important part of it. Architecture should look at the existing site and not take away from it but rather add to it.

This thesis explores Daingerfield Island; Located along the existing Mt Vernon bicycle trail and the Potomac River, Daingerfield Island is an ideal location for a Bicycle and Water Taxi rest stop. It is a site that is mostly forested development, however, it is in a state of disrepair. It has great potential to become a wonderful pause space in the urban environment. The project explores emotions associated with resting and waiting, in hopes to prove that architecture has the ability to repair a damaged site.



Spirit, Emotion, Resting, Waiting, Bicycle, Water Taxi, Site Repair