Perceptions of graduating seniors of their experiences in the Virginia Tech Honors Program

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Virginia Tech


An ever increasing part of today's higher educational institution is the implementation of honors programming for undergraduates. This is a special population of students whose academic needs are not being met by the rigors of the traditional educational path. While several studies have been conducted on these students and their academic progress within such programs, very little research has been done on the student's attitudes and perceptions about their experiences as an honors student during their college career.

Students graduating with a degree from the Honors Program at Virginia Tech were interviewed and assessed to determine their attitudes and perceptions of their undergraduate experiences at Virginia Tech as an Honors Program student. Themes from these interviews were categorized and analyzed for a complete understanding of the collective experiences of the undergraduate students. A presentation of the information gathered from the interviews is the main purpose of the study. The results of this study should aid educators at Virginia Tech in better understanding the perceptions and impressions of honors students about their experiences in the Honors Program at Virginia Tech.



Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University