A proposed guidance program for Dan River high school

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


The high school has an important responsibility of aiding individuals in making their choices, plans and adjustments, in undertaking self-direction, and in meeting social, mental, physical, and spiritual problems. Accepting this responsibility has added a new dimension to the high school program known as guidance.

Purpose of the Study. The main purpose of this study was to construct a guidance program to meet the needs of the student body of Dan River High School.

Other purposes were to:

  1. Develop an organized system for administering a guidance program.

  2. Develop a means of collecting and compiling data about each pupil.

  3. Develop a system for providing educational and occupational information for each student.

  4. Develop a system of providing counseling services for each student.

  5. Develop a system of providing placement services for each student.

  6. Develop a system for the evaluation of the high school guidance program.

Scope of the Study. Data were secured from 530 Dan River High School students in grades eight through twelve, a study of the present guidance program of Dan River High School was made, and principles and practices of guidance validated through research were compiled.

Procedures Used in Making the Study. Information having implications for guidance was secured with the use of a questionnaire from each student. The present guidance program was studied, a review of literature was made, and this iInformation was used in constructing a guidance program for Dan Fiver High School.

Summary of the Proposed Guidance Program. A guidance program operates effectively when it is carefully planned and well organized. This requires the cooperation of each member of the school staff working under the leadership of a capable guidance director.

As the staff plans and organizes the program together and understands and appreciates the different phases of the program, staff assignments and responsibilities need to be made very clear and definite.

An effective guidance program is dependent upon how well the guidance services function. These services require the understanding and assistance of each staff member.