Modeling the flash gate board for water storage and flood control

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The height of an overflow dam must be designed low enough to prevent the reservoir water level from exceeding a flood plain during flooding conditions. Because of this constraint, much of the available water storage area is wasted and the available pressure head for power generation will be less than maximum during normal conditions. Crest control gates alleviate this problem by providing a variable spillway height. The Flash Gate Board is a passive automatic crest control gate. Its purpose is to regulate flood water while providing increased water pressure for power generation or for additional water storage for a municipality. The governing equations for the Flash Gate Board system are derived and used to formulate models of the system. Computer simulations are used to examine the system response in a variety of operating conditions. The results of these simulations are presented and discussed. The results include an investigation which developed an optimum gate height to maximize the potential of the Flash Gate Board. An experimental model was developed to verify analytical results and to provide additional insight. Conclusions from the study, recommendations for future work, and modifications for a trouble-free design are discussed.