Total Quality Management Approach To The Information Systems Development Processes: An Empirical Study


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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this dissertation is to study the application of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the Information Systems (IS) development processes. The study describes and evaluates TQM concepts and techniques in the IS development processes and interprets sub-organizational elements in the application of TQM in the public sector.

This dissertation uses a multiple case study methodology to study the development processes of IS in three public agencies. This study attempts to examine what quality means across these public organizations and to discover the differences between IS development methodologies that do or do not apply TQM concepts and techniques.

The late Dr. W. Edwards Deming, regarded as "father" of post war Japanese economic miracle as well as leading advocate of the TQM movement in the United States, developed a systematic approach to solving quality related problems which aims to fulfill customer expectations. His system of management is adopted as the theoretical basis to this dissertation. The "lessons learned" from these case studies, empirically and in literature, reveal multiple experiences of TQM applications to IS development processes in the public sector.



Information Systems, SDLC, TQM, IS, IT, Total Quality Management, Systems Development Process, Public Sector, Information Technology