Wheat and coconut flour protein utilization by six young college women

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


A balance study was carried out to determine the utilization of coconut flour protein when used to replace a proportionate amount of wheat flour and dry skimmed milk protein in the formulation of a special milk bread called the Nutribun. This bread is used in the Philippines to supplement the protein-deficient diet of children.

Six young women were placed on a low protein, high fruit and vegetable diet supplemented with two types of Nutribun. One type used wheat flour and the other type contained coconut flour at an 11 percent level in its formulation.

Each subject acted as her own control to compare specific response to each Nutribun supplement. Both diets were isonitrogenous. Nitrogen determinations were made on the Nutribuns, the food composite, the feces, and the urine. Daily urinary creatinine analysis was also carried out.

Observations were made on the nitrogen retention of the subjects given the two diet supplements during the study. No significant difference was found on the mean nitrogen retention of subjects fed the two diets.

The use of coconut flour at 11 percent level in the Nutribun formulation did not adversely affect the acceptability or the protein utilization of the product as supplied in this experimental diet.