Fairfax County Park Authority sports and recreational facility

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


"The room is not only the beginning of architecture: it is an extension of self. If you think about it, you realize that you don't say the same thing in a small room that you say in a large room. If I were to speak in a great hall, I would have to pick one person who smiles at me in order to be able to speak at all.

"The large room and the small room, the tall room and the low room, the room with the fireplace and the room without, all become great events in your mind. You begin to think, not what are the requirements, but rather what are the elements of architecture that you can employ to make an environment in which it is good to learn, good to live, or good to work." Louis I Kahn¹

"A good structural organism worked out passionately in detail and in general appearance is essential to good architecture, structural architecture leads to that synthesis of static—aesthetic activity, technical knowledge and mastery of execution which produced the masterpieces of the past." Pier Luigi Nervi²