Testing the Generality of Regulatory Fit with Goal Orientation in the Performance Feedback Context

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Virginia Tech


Regulatory fit (Higgins 2000) has, thus far, only been tested using regulatory focus theory (Cesario, Higgins, & Scholer, 2008); this study contributes to the current literature by testing the generality of the fit principle using goal orientation. I will test the effect of fit on corrective feedback utilization. I predict that experiencing regulatory fit between goal orientation and goal pursuit strategies will lead to: 1) higher behavioral utilization of feedback, and 2) feedback recall. Self-monitoring will be included as an exploratory variable to assess whether level of self-monitoring will affect the aforementioned outcomes. Results indicated that individuals experiencing regulatory fit between goal orientation and feedback framing exhibited greater variety and frequency of feedback recommended behaviors overall. No fit effects were found for feedback recall. Self-monitoring was not impacted by goal orientation or feedback framing.



Regulatory fit, goal orientation, feedback utilization, performance management