A C-based simulation framework for automated guided vehicle systems

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this research was to develop and validate a simulation framework for automated guided vehicle systems (AGVSs). The framework that was developed, AGVSF, uses the discrete, next-event simulation method and the C programming language. AGVSF consists of an organizational structure that provides for control of the execution of the simulation and a set of modular C functions used to model the AGVS.

The structure of AGVSF allows the user to organize the Simulation logic in a consistent manner. The modularity and flexibility of the code result from clearly defining the interdependencies of the functions that make up the various events and operations of the simulation. This enables the user to substitute functions where needed to represent new operational methods which are not directly provided in the original framework code set. A set of functions is provided within AGVSF for modeling basic AGVSs and AGVS layouts. The framework concept has been validated by simulating an AGVS under different operating conditions and control algorithms.