Air Installations Compatible Use Zones: an assessment of the development of the Department of Defense policy and the implementation by the Department of the Navy

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Virginia Tech


In this study of the development of the Department of Defense (DOD) policy on Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) and the Department of the Navy's implementation of it, there will appear a number of gaps in what is otherwise intended to be a logical and sequential analysis. These gaps are the result of the unavailability and/or inaccessibility of certain data due to a number of reasons. Certain information was classified for security reasons and, as such, could not be included in this analysis. A more frequent reason for the gaps was that some information was available only from people who had since either left their former employment for other positions, or had retired and could not be reached for interviews. In addition to the above causes, it should be noted that some data escapes the eye of even the most diligent researcher. Nevertheless, these gaps have been kept to a minimum and it is considered that they do not severely effect this study in an adverse way.