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Virginia Tech


In a world where knowledge is the driving force behind human progress, it becomes imperative to understand the intricate dynamics of its creation, preservation, and distribution. This architectural thesis delves into the essence of knowledge and aims to unravel the profound meaning behind these fundamental aspects. By examining the Great Library of Alexandria as a symbol of a global knowledge and fragility, we embark on a transformative journey.

The thesis investigates the nature of knowledge itself, posing essential questions about its essence and significance. What does knowledge truly represent, and how do we acknowledge its value in our lives? Through a comprehensive exploration, we aim to comprehend the creation of knowledge and its transformative potential in various domains.

Furthermore, the Great Library of Alexandria stands as a compelling symbol of fragility, emphasizing the delicate nature of the artifacts we create. This iconic institution serves as a poignant reminder of the impermanence that surrounds human achievements. By studying the library's historical significance, architectural intricacies, and its ultimate demise, we gain profound insights into the precarious nature of preserving knowledge.

By embarking on this journey, we seek to understand not only the importance of preserving knowledge but also the means to achieve effective preservation.

Ultimately, this research aims to use AI text to image tools (midjourney) and traditional architectural inquiry methods to deepen our appreciation for the vast wealth of knowledge we have generated and highlight the responsibility we bear in safeguarding and sharing it. By understanding the fragility of knowledge, we can foster a collective consciousness that recognizes the transformative power of knowledge.



knowledge, AI, preservation, transformation