Enhancing and Reconstructing Digitized Handwriting


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Virginia Tech


This thesis involves restoration, reconstruction, and enhancement of a digitized library of hand-written documents. Imaging systems that perform this digitization often degrade the quality of the original documents. Many techniques exist for reconstructing, restoring, and enhancing digital images; however, many require a priori knowledge of the imaging system. In this study, only partial a priori knowledge is available, and therefore unknown parameters must be estimated before restoration, reconstruction, or enhancement is possible.

The imaging system used to digitize the documents library has degraded the images in several ways. First, it has introduced a ringing that is apparent around each stroke. Second, the system has eliminated strokes of narrow widths. To restore these images, the imaging system is modeled by estimating the point spread function from sample impulse responses, and the image noise is estimated in an attempt to apply standard linear restoration techniques. The applicability of these techniques is investigated in the first part of this thesis. Then nonlinear filters, structural techniques, and enhancement techniques are applied to obtain substantial improvements in image quality.



inverse filter, nonlinear filter, background estimator