Oblivious RAM in Scalable SGX

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Virginia Tech


The prevalence of cloud storage has yielded significant benefits to consumers. Trusted Exe- cution Environments (TEEs) have been introduced to protect program execution and data in the cloud. However, an attacker targeting the cloud storage server through side-channel attacks can still learn some data in TEEs. This data retrieval is possible through the monitor- ing and analysis of the encrypted ciphertext as well as a program's memory access patterns. As the attacks grow in complexity and accuracy, innovative protection methods must be de- signed to secure data. This thesis proposes and implements an ORAM controller primitive in TEE and protects it from all potential side-channel attacks. This thesis presents two vari- ations, each with two different encryption methods designed to mitigate attacks targeting both memory access patterns and ciphertext analysis. The latency for enabling this protec- tion is calculated and proven to be 75.86% faster overall than the previous implementation on which this thesis is based.



Intel SGX, ORAM, Side Channel Attacks, ZeroTrace