An analysis of the aerodynamics of a fiber optic mortar projectile

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

In December of 1987 tests were conducted in the Virginia Tech Stability Wind Tunnel on a full-scale model of a fiber optic mortar projectile. The desired model configurations were sting-mounted on the Stability Tunnel STO-1 strain gauge balance. The sting was mounted on a streamlined vertical pylon which provided remote rotation in both pitch and yaw while maintaining the center of the balance along the tunnel centerline. The model inputs included the six-component force and moment data in body coordinates and the pressure data from the five pressure taps located within the model. The tunnel inputs were the static temperature, static pressure, and dynamic pressure. The angle of attack and yaw angle were input manually by the tunnel operator. The data analysis for the preliminary test program was intended to define the aerodynamic qualities of various components and configurations to aid in the redesign of the projectile.