Ecological Knowledge Center, Amazon

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Virginia Tech


This thesis examines the relationship between the Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) of Amazonian communities and their sustainable indigenous architecture. Over centuries, these communities have profoundly influenced the Amazon rainforests through their distinctive lifestyles, cultural practices, and ancestral knowledge. My research delves into their nomadic traditions, cultural significance, farming techniques, and understanding of life cycles. By exploring these elements and advocating for the restoration of their traditional ways of living, we can foster forest regrowth and biodiversity, ultimately enhancing the health and purpose of our forested areas.

This study seeks to identify commonalities among different communities and understand how their ecological knowledge can aid the modern world in addressing deforestation and maintaining ecological balance. By integrating this traditional wisdom with contemporary practices, we can develop strategies to combat environmental degradation and support sustainable development. The insights gained from this research can contribute to more effective conservation efforts and promote a deeper appreciation of the invaluable role that indigenous knowledge plays in preserving our natural environment.



Deforestation, Amazonian Communities, Indigenous Architecture, Sustainability, Vernacular, Biophilic Design