Technology for the development of a microwavable pork chop

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Virginia Tech


Whole muscle cuts and restructured chops were conventionally cooked, microwave cooked, and precooked/ microwave reheated. Whole muscle samples had an additional treatment of blade tenderization. All samples were stored for three storage periods of 2, 15, and 21 days. Precooked samples were evaluated for appearance traits. Blade tenderization did not affect (P>0.05) the traits evaluated with the exception of texture. Precooked products had higher (P<0.05) TBA values than conventionally cooked samples of both whole and restructured chops. Conventionally cooked chops had the lowest (P<0.05) TBA value in both whole muscle and restructured cuts, the lowest (P<0.05) peak force value and the highest (P<0.05) sensory scores in whole muscle samples. TBA values increased (P<0.05) with storage time for up to 21 days. Over 21 days of storage of whole muscle samples, Warner-Bratzler peak force values and overall flavor scores decreased (P<0.05) and juiciness and texture scores improved (P<0.05). Storage did not affect (P>0.05) peak force values and sensory scores of restructured samples.