The Creation of Variable Space by Means of Metamorphic Boundaries


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Virginia Tech


For a long time, I have struggled with my origins, with my Korean-ness, with who I am. Whenever I finish a project, I often feel that there is still something that needs to be explained. In this thesis I attempt to explain precisely my ideas of design as these reflect my Korean-ness. Defining the city and its architecture as existing boundaries, I translate my Korean-ness and origins into an idea I call, metaphorically, "metamorphosis." This "metamorphosis" has to do with the way space is transformed from one thing into something else, as is the case when one walks from an airy Korean courtyard, in a traditional Korean house, into the house's shadowy interior. It is ambiguous, this metamorphic transformation, and for each individual visitor always a somewhat different experience, and sometimes a vastly different experience from that of anyone else, a familiarity with the unfamiliar nevertheless shaped by the uniquely personal prior life each visitor brings to the architectural space.



Metamorphosis, Space, Boundary