Improved Sailboat Design Process and Tools Using Systems Engineering Approach

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Virginia Tech


This research provides a detailed and systematic update of the traditional sailboat design process, with specific attention being paid to the tools used for evaluation purposes, and in doing so creates an improved and optimized design process for sailboats. More specifically, this report seeks to modify a systems-engineering approach to the ship design process, in order to properly incorporate modern sailboat evaluation techniques as well as elements of traditional sailboat design while providing analysis of a case study from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's ocean vehicle design class. In considering all intricacies of sailboat design and with applications and gradual improvement in quality of design through the use of multi-objective optimization methods, a new sailboat design process evolves, which initially considers a wide variety of design options and alternatives. Specific attention is paid in this process to the evolution of the ordering and analysis of each segment of the subprocesses, reducing design risk through the use of industry standard assessment procedures and ensuring consistent interaction with the customer. In doing so, an improved and effective design process is established, to be used by future sailboat design teams at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.



sharpie, Orca3D, velocity prediction program, concept exploration, concept development, sailboat design