Broadband World Modeling and Scene Reconstruction

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Virginia Tech


Perception is a key feature in how any creature or autonomous system relates to its environment. While there are many types of perception, this thesis focuses on the improvement of the visual robotics perception systems. By implementing a broadband passive sensing system in conjunction with current perception algorithms, this thesis explores scene reconstruction and world modeling.

The process involves two main steps. The first is stereo correspondence using block matching algorithms with filtering to improve the quality of this matching process. The disparity maps are then transformed into 3D point clouds. These point clouds are filtered again before the registration process is done. The registration uses a SAC-IA matching technique to align the point clouds with minimum error.  The registered final cloud is then filtered again to smooth and down sample the large amount of data. This process was implemented through software architecture that utilizes Qt, OpenCV, and Point Cloud Library. It was tested using a variety of experiments on each of the components of the process.  It shows promise for being able to replace or augment existing UGV perception systems in the future.



Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Robotic perception, Broadband cameras, 3D Scene Reconstruction