Alternate Fault testing on a Bus on a Dynamic Position Vessel

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Virginia Tech


Direct fault testing onboard Dynamic Position Vessels is a requirement to maintain the ships classification and ensure redundancy of the power system onboard to maintain position. The most vulnerable part of the ship when testing occurs is when a three phase fault is placed on a main bus. This puts tremendous amount of strain on the system. This thesis offers an alternate and safer way to ensure the protection equipment is working properly by using a fault signal using from Programmable Logic Controller in conjunction with the protection relays. A working PSCAD model of Transocean's DEEPWATER CHAMPION was developed using a one line diagram. Using the developed PSCAD model three phase fault currents could be calculated and then simulated as a scaled down secondary current to use for testing the protection relays. To test the develop testing system different bus configurations were analyzed to determine loss of thruster capabilities which deter the vessel to maintain position.



Dynamic Position, Fault testing, Programmable Logic Controller