Revealing the Simple Complexity

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Virginia Tech

"Revealing the simple complexity" is a series of explorations which investigates the wonders of Persian patterns and develops its principles through generative and interactive design.The exploration consists of four main stages of studies and manifestations.

[1] Fundamental studies, delves into the mathematical detail and principle of traditional Persian patterns, looking at the underlaying rules of the construction and composition of the patterns. [2] Generative coding and modeling, investigates ways in which traditional pattern algorithms can be simplified and reconstructed. This stage declares the main body of my thesis and includes producing work which explores techniques for form-finding using algorithm and code. [3] Interactive studies, are another important component of the process. The interaction between designer/user, code/design has been investigated though motion and light sensors in this phase. [4] A conclusion of all the previous stages have been gathered in the form of architectural manifestations and future application in this chapter.

My explorations have tried to uncover simple ways in which we could rethink complicated form finding strategies, and suggests a new direction for future explorations in interactive and generative architecture.

Persian Patterns, Generative Design, Interactive Design