Study of photogrammetric self-calibration adjustment method

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Virginia Tech


The development of a viable self-calibration approach for use with non-metric cameras was investigated. Both computer generated and actual test camera data were generated to determine the effectiveness of the math model and computer program. A twenty-seven parameter bundle adjustment routine was proposed because of its versatility and compatible use in an existing aerotriangulation package. For the camera and test configuration considered, the focal length was recovered to within two percent, and the principal point location was recovered to wi thin O. 3 to twelve percent. When the computer generated data was used, the focal length and principal point offset were recovered to within 0.2 percent.

Modeling and software has been made available for a future comparative study between the self-calibration and Direct Linear Transformation adjustment parameters. The self-calibration modeling and former Direct Linear Transformation modeling software is a promising tool for mensuration tests and experiments with video and Charge Coupled Device (CCD) imagery.