Search for B-0 meson decays into A and missing energy with a hadronic tagging method at Belle

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American Physical Society


We present a search for the decays of B0 mesons into a final state containing a Λ baryon and missing energy. These results are obtained from a 711 fb-1 data sample that contains 772×106 BB¯ pairs and was collected near the (4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e+e- collider. We use events in which one B meson is fully reconstructed in a hadronic decay mode and require the remainder of the event to consist of only a single Λ. No evidence for these decays is found, and we set 90% confidence level upper limits on the branching fractions in the range 2.1-3.8×10-5. This measurement provides the world's most restrictive limits, with implications for baryogenesis and dark matter production.