Integrating Traditional Tools to Enable Rapid Ideation in an Augmented Reality Virtual Environment

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Virginia Tech

This paper presents a design, implementation, and evaluation of an augmented reality virtual environment to support collaborative brainstorming sessions. We specifically support brainstorming in the form of ideation on sticky notes, a common method to organize a large number of ideas in space with sticky notes on a board. Our environment allows users to integrate physical pen and paper used in a brainstorming session with the support of augmented reality headsets, so that we can support further interaction modes and remote collaboration as well. We use an AR HMD to capture images containing notes, detect and crop them with a remote server, then spawn the detected notes in to enable virtual viewing and manipulation. We evaluate our input method for generating notes in a user study In doing so, we attempt to determine whether traditional input tools like pen and paper can be seamlessly integrated into augmented reality, and see if these tools improve efficiency and comprehensibility over previous augmented reality input methods.

Brainstorming, Augmented Reality, Collaboration, Creativity, Tangible