Collaborative Discussion: How Might Artificial Intelligence (AI) Extend Learning, Thinking, & Problem Solving?

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American Association for Agricultural Education


“Are we asking the wrong questions of ChatGPT?” That was the headline of an April 15, 2024, article in The Chronicle of Higher Education. While many educators have been concerned about policing artificial intelligence (AI), we may be missing key opportunities to leverage AI as a tool for extending learning, thinking, and problem solving. In this collaborative discussion, participants will be invited to share questions, concerns, and ideas for leveraging AI in both formal and nonformal educational settings. The context of agricultural education (broadly defined) will be the focus, placing particular interest on practices and strategies that may allow graduates and communities to better manage, interpret, and share streams of data in ways that foster improved decision-making. Both novice and experienced users of AI will be encouraged to engage in the discussion and exploration.