The meaning in the pattern

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

A library has always been a doorway into learning. Learning, in today's world, has become a complex and varied process. The built form must therefore embody the vastness of this available knowledge. The building must, through its very structuring, make easy and accessible learning. It must also express the intricacies and inter-relationships of knowledge using an architectural vocabulary.

The making of the building is analogous to the development of the individual. lt is from the collective that the individual emerge. The built form encapsulates society in both scale and complexity. lt is an amalgamation of difference, offering opportunity for individualized growth to a collective social education.

The building reveals itself slowly through its relationship. It encourages exploration at every level. It is a beginning, an instrument of search, a ground for discovery.

The transformation of the process of study into built form is drawn out along its connections. The language of architecture is used to bind together the many strands of learning through universally interpretable metaphors into a coherent reality.