Career development workshop for athletes

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Virginia Tech

The Career Development Workshop For Athletes was designed to aid in the comprehensive career development effort at Virginia Tech. The pilot research project involved 40 active freshman varsity football players enrolled during Fall and Winter quarters of the 1984-85 school year. The 40 students were randomly selected from a pool of 65 freshman football players.

The experimental design was a two stage stratification. The first stage was selection and the second stage was assignment to control and treatment groups. The independent variables were workshop participation and race. The dependent variables were gain scores from the three intercorrelated scales on the Career Development Inventory.

The Workshop was conducted over a six week period, each session lasted approximately two hours and met once each week. The four objectives of the workshop were 1) to assist students in the identification and or selection of career interest and goals; 2) to identify a career support network; 3) to assess and identify skills; and 4) to aid in the perception and procurement of self esteem.