Get Noticed - Managing your scholarly career in an age of metrics, social media, and open research


This workshop is designed for busy faculty who want a jump start in developing new skills, mastering new tools, and learning new approaches related to sharing their work and extending their impact. As delivered in June 2017, University librarians and publishing experts presented a variety of tools and methods to enable faculty members to: (1) leverage their rights as authors, (2) build and manage their online presence, (3) share their work and get noticed, and (4) demonstrate their impact. Attendees had the opportunity to set and refine individual goals for their workshop participation and beyond. Hands-on time and assistance were included for attendees to make tangible progress in their identified areas. Time was also allocated for attendees to discuss common problems and solutions.

Research, Impact, Metrics, Social media, Collaboration tools, Open Access, Scholarly publishing, Software, tools and systems, Planning your work, Creative Commons