Interfacing the IBM PC with the STD bus for multiprocessing

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Virginia Tech

The advent of the Personal Computer into the technical world has, at an extremely reasonable expense and trouble, made available to us, considerable computational power. But, as it was with computers, the next logical step is to have multiple units running in concert, or, in other words, sharing the load. This leads to the concept of Multiprocessing in order to attain an enhancement in operation speed and superior efficiency. The IBM PC is a versatile and market proven personal computer with a very large volume of software support and the STD Bus is a standard that has been developed to cope with a variable support, i.e. different processors and different I/O capabilities. Together, they combine the user interface - the display and keyboard · of the PC, the processing capabilities of the PC, the I/O capabilities of the STD Bus and the support processing possible on the STD Bus. The resulting system is powerful, easy to use and it has a lot of scope for development.